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We Create Value


Our sensors, which instantly monitor the machines, transfer data wirelessly to the cloud system securely.

Cloud System

The sensor data collected in the cloud system enables improvement in production and remote monitoring of the working health of production machines.


Remote access to production site information is provided through the software. Analysis and reporting of data collected in the cloud takes place within the applications. Thanks to instant data and preventive alarms, the production site becomes transparent and becomes more secure.

The Future Has Arrived...

Digitalization is the only way to stay in the game. We help producers to rise sustainably. Our products & services are available to prolong the life and increase health of all your machinery and employees at your production field. The value we will add to the producers is to ensure that the producers reach the most optimal production field they can reach with their existing facilities. Our work increases your OEE value, removes the distances in management with instant flowing data and remote access, increases machine health and field safety with big data optimization, puts your company in a position that prevents them before they occur by predicting field problems with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to strengthen your business with healthy margins.

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is the gold standard for measuring production efficiency. Simply put - it defines the percentage of true productive production time. The best measurement of production management is done with OEE. By measuring OEE and fundamental losses, it provides instant insight into how you can systematically improve your production process. OEE is the best metric to identify losses, compare progress, and increase the efficiency of production equipment.

Flowing Data Processing technology allows us to process large amounts of data quickly and in real time from multiple sources.

Flowing data processing and flowing data analytics; It processes big data, cloud, and data from the internet of things without damaging the effectiveness of existing resources, storage, and enterprise systems. The most significant benefit of flowing data processing is its ability to handle data not as static tables, but as an infinite flow from what happened in the past to what happens in the future. In addition, it is flexible to adapt to business needs and processes and complex event flows simultaneously.

Get ready for a system that can manage Big Data to measure and track all points in your facility with digital flowing data (instantaneous).

As the name implies, big data refers to a large amount of data. In addition, the data is growing rapidly every day, so processing this much data becomes more difficult over time. Therefore, there is a need to optimize big data to manage data to improve product quality, accelerate decision making, aggressively leverage new analytical capabilities and optimize business processes, as well as reducing the overall cost associated with a traditional data warehouse.

With greater precision in machine performance, the workflow is made easier and companies work with better productivity and stronger commitment.

Machine learning is an AI application or subset that enables machines to learn from data without explicit programming. As it means giving machines the ability to learn, it allows them to make predictions and develop algorithms on their own.

Our IOT device is designed to receive data from all your machines on your production area. Our product, which is compatible with every generation technology from lathe to robot, transfers data via Wi-Fi and enables you to reduce your maintenance and production costs.

  • Instant data of the production site
  • Secure wireless data transmission
  • Compatible with hundreds of different types and models of machines