Data X

Data X

Environmental Data Collection with Increased Measurement Range

You can follow your facility instantly and reduce your production costs with industrial data collection equipment compatible with all your machines in your production area.

  • Real-time production data
  • Health data of your machines
  • Secure wireless data transmission
  • Compatible with all types of machines


In the developed solution process, spectral analysis of the noise emitted by the machine from the determined points of the machine to the environment is made to determine the noise sources.

As a result of the analysis, the source of the cellular forces of the machines are recorded with the time stamp.


When the machines are exposed to a certain damage, they give warning signals for these damages. One of the best warning signals is vibration data. Vibration is the response behavior of a machine's mechanical parts against internal and external forces.

Vibration analysis: It is used to detect situations such as electrical problems, gear damages, bearing damages, unbalance, axial instability, and mechanical laxity.


Temperature monitoring and regulation is critical in many applications and industries. Temperature data can also show the health and performance of the equipment. Temperature monitoring solutions can even detect small fluctuations in temperature.


Calculates the values required to reach the desired humidity value according to the specific indoor and outdoor conditions by monitoring the moisture data.

Calculates in which values range the raw materials or material types used can work better.


Real Unit Production Costs, active and passive working times of the machines, necessary measurements for the quality and efficient use of energy are realized instantly.

Signal Tower

The operating status data received from the sensors, which are also found in the machines, and expressed as overhead lights, are written to the system instantly. Real-time traceability of operation, standby and alarm data is provided.


General purpose quartz pressure sensors are designed to measure dynamic measurements of pressure, combustion, explosion, ripple, cavitation, pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid and other such pressures. These pressure sensors are constructed with natural piezoelectric, stable quartz sensing elements and integrated electronics, and are suitable for measuring rapidly changing pressure fluctuations in a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies.

Data Transmission

All data collected with MRE IIoT is transferred to the cloud system, one of the most important parameters of industry 4.0, via wi-fi (wireless transmission). The network management used is made stronger by the industrial network system.

PLC Integration

They provide necessary data exchange by connecting to control sub-units, operating units, field devices and instruments of the working area. These units (PLC or RTU) are also integrated into the engine control center by connecting to electronic and electrical locking, protection, and similar equipment. The programmable control units transmit the accumulated information and data to the SCADA system while providing logic and control audit in accordance with the software program in order to fulfill its operational functions.